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Jesus David Garza

Growing up in South Texas, I never lost sight of my dedication to serving the needs of my family, my country, and my community. Only two weeks after high school graduation, I was on a plane to San Diego, California for the beginning of a 30-year military service career, covering three active and reserve branches of the military.

In 1974, I joined the ranks of the San Antonio Police Department where I proudly served the citizens of San Antonio. After a full 21-year career, I retired to pursue my current and final calling.

I provide convenient, local and accessible legal services throughout many counties in central and South Texas.  Throughout the years I have gained the advantage of having special insight into the customs and procedures of all courts in the local and surrounding areas and the needs of clients in each area.

Many years ago, I learned that in this world, there are only two things, reasons and results…the reasons don’t count.

I am result oriented, seeking, above all else, to help my clients achieve their objectives in the most timely, economical and successful manner. My philosophy emphasizes an aggressive defense yet a caring response to my client's needs, as well as an extensive and creative approach, enabling my clients to successfully benefit from my experience and long-term local presence.

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