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Traffic Ticket Defense - Texas

When you receive a traffic ticket the officer who issues the citation writes down a court date on your citation. You have three options to deal with your ticket

 1.       Just go and pay it

 2.       Take Defensive driving and still pay court fees (if defensive driving is available)

 3.       Let an attorney take care of it for you

Once an officer has issued you your ticket or citation, you have the three options mentioned above to resolve it. On the other hand, you can let the Law Offices of J.D. Garza resolve the issue for you.

Your attorney will go to your court date and represent you without you having to attend and miss a day of work.

Your attorney will file all the necessary paper work for you.


The citation will never be placed on your drivers license recorded, saving you money on insurance.

It’s as simple as giving your citation to the Law Offices of J.D. Garza and never having to worry about it again.

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